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RELIGION: Women, Arise and Shine Conference!

This is a call and an invitation to all women and young ladies, involved in the church, or not, to take into consideration their importance in the work of God, in their everyday lives and even in their lifestyle.

Women, arise and shine”, is the theme of a major conference of women, organised by the Audacious Faith International Church England of the Apostle Tambu Lukoki, in collaboration with The Blessing Church/Netherland.

The event will take place from the 28th to 29th September 2019. Saturday at 4 pm – 8 pm and Sunday at 10 am – 1 pm. 31 Hunger Hill Road, St Anns, Nottingham, NG3 4NB with the participation of two servants of God, pastors Regina and Godelief Maasbach from Den Haag in Holland.

Regina and Godelief are respectively the wives of Dr David Maasbach, President of the Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation, also pastor of The Blessing church/Den Haag. And his younger brother; Evangelist John T. L. Maasbach who leads the work of Johan Maasbach World Mission Youth, pastor of The Blessing / Vlaardingen Netherlands.

Woman, Arise and Shine!

This exceptional moment of the convention will be an opportunity to allow the participants to revitalize themselves in order to grow in their faith through a reflection on the role, the place and the impact that the woman can generate in her immediate environment.

During the conference, the two speakers intend to share the secrets of their own commitment to their husbands in the task of directing the work of God. And also, to give hope to this woman who ignores herself in her role as assistant to her husband and mother. The prayer life, the couple’s or professional life must also be addressed during the conference.

Certainly, a women’s convention, men are cordially invited because of the daily challenges that women face today also concern them (Men). Their involvement will be a plus in the help they bring to their wives in their married life for the benefit of the Church and society in general.

This is an opportunity put to good use by the Audacious Faith International Church to invite everyone to participate, to nourish themselves spiritually in knowledge and in truth. Prophetic messages, prayers of deliverance and thanksgiving to the Almighty God which is included in the agenda.

Worship and Praise

Besides the moments of teaching and sharing, worship and praise will be well attended as they will be part of this special program. They will be led by AFIC Group (Audacious Faith International Church), guided by Pascaline Badilimo from Nottingham. She is one of the mothers who gave herself for spiritual guidance for the young people who are part of the choir.

The AFIC Praise Group will be accompanied by a well-known guest, Sister Deborah Masua Lavanchy from Geneva, Switzerland. As a Congolese Gospel singer, she too will lead the people of God in intense prayer during these two days of the seminary.

These dates are a blessing for us women. Women, Arise and Shine! Is not just a slogan. It is an inspired message from the Almighty God, let us seize this opportunity to build our homes in divine intelligence and wisdom. Come praise and worship with us, so that the spirit finds its place and dispose our hearts to receive the word that will come from far” stated Pascaline Badilimo.

There are already so many videos posted on the official account of Audacious Faith International Church (Facebook, YouTube, …), addressing to all women living in Nottingham, Derby and surrounding areas, also urging everyone in Europe, to seize this opportunity and to participate in this seminar in order to stock up on divine nourishment, as this will benefit the growth of the body of Christ.

“We are not self-centered, we would like also other men and women to profit from this mystery that God will reveal to us on September 28 and 29, 2019. This is why we are asking all those who will hear the voice of God, not to harden their hearts; but to come to the feet of Jesus Christ, to share the same table with him, as Martha did”. Declared one of the organisers of the event. And added “Do not miss out, because the time God has planned to lift you up and make you shine has come”.

For Gisèle Mushilu, Head of The Mothers Department AFIC / Derby insisted on “Prayer, unity, and perseverance”. She asked the women to remain “concentrated and vigilant as this is the moment where the enemy operates. We women, must rise and shine so that Gods work will be enlightened and prosperous. This will also be applied in our homes because God wants to visit us”.

As a reminder, this is not the first time that such a women’s organization has been held, the most recent having taken place on May 2016 with speakers Rev. Pastor Sam and his wife Stella Adeosun; from Living Treasure Outreach Church in London.

They delivered on the theme: “Your identity as a woman”. “If you identify who you are, it will improve your self-esteem and make it easier for you to get through life”. The pastoral couple underlined in their message.

Carol Tshiala Shabantu